Healthy Food. Healthier Life

Sop Ikan Istimewa Khas Batam has served its customers with healthy food since 2009

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Our History

Lorem IpsumOnce known as Golden Fish Restaurant in 2003, Sop Ikan Istimewa khas Batam opened up its first location at Serdang Street. After our rebranding in 2008, we relocate to Taruma street, near the heart of Medan, and give our restaurant a fresh new look. Our motto is to use fresh ingredients from local traditional market and transform it into a simple yet hearty meal for our customers.

"Simplicity within a bowl of soup"

We offer the taste of home.

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Our Services


We provide best food quality for the given price tag.


We receive food catering service for wedding, birthday, office and any other purposes around Medan.

Food Grade

We carefully select our ingredients from local traditional to modern market, every morning.


We store our ingredients in a best possible way to maintain their freshness.